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  A USB security token to make encryption, key management, and tamper detection... mehr
Produktinformationen "Librem Key"

A USB security token to make encryption, key management, and tamper detection convenient and secure.

The device can be used for email encryption with GnuPG and S/MIME, two-factor authentication, file and disk encryption, and SSH authentication. In addition to that, the Librem Key, which is based on the Nitrokey Pro 2 serves as a part of the tamper-evident boot protection which Purism integrates into their Librem laptops.

Thanks to the free and open source firmware Heads and the Nitrokey Pro/Librem Key, users can verify the authenticity and integrity of their laptops by using HOTP (hash-based one-time passwords). Thus, users could detect if somebody compromised the firmware of their Librem laptop or swapped the hardware altogether, while it was unattended. Therefore, the user simply plugs the Librem Key in the Librem laptop and boots it.

If the integrity check is passed, a green LED on the Nitrokey Pro/Librem Key signalizes that there is no indication of tampering or replacing the original Librem laptop. A red LED indicates a failed integrity verification. The user can repeat this check at each boot to make sure, none has messed with the laptop.

This how-to video (click and scroll down) made by  Purism demonstrates the use case very well and provides more details.



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