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LCD 4x20 characters, LED LCD 4x20 characters, LED
Emerging Display character LCD 4x20 EW20400YLY-E6 4x20 characters green/yeelow LED backlight HD44780 compatibe controller
€17.50 *
LCd Adapter PCB LCd Adapter PCB
Adapter PCB for character LCDs 16-pin 2,54mm connector for most HD44780 compatible displays 16-pin 1mm FFC connector, e.g. for "small" 4x20 LCD from our shop 26-pin 2,54mm 2-row pin-header to conect to PC parallel port or other...
€5.00 * €7.00 *
FFC DIL adapter PCB FFC DIL adapter PCB
PCB 16-pin 1mm FFC DIL connector to 2x8pin 2,54mm pin-header
€4.00 *
8 bit AVR RISC 40 pin DIL package
€3.00 *
FFC DIL receptacle FFC DIL receptacle
Flat Foil Cable (FFC) receptable ("female") 16 Pins DIL
€0.30 *
LCD 4x20 characters, LED LCD 4x20 characters, LED
LC display Powertip PC2004LRU-DW5 -BP1Q STN 4x20 characters mostly HD44780 compatible controller 4/8 bit parallel interface green/yellow LED backlight Connector: soldered flat foil cable, 1mm pitch, 75mm length (matching DIL recepticle...
€9.90 * €27.00 *