LCD 4x20 characters, LED

LCD 4x20 characters, LED
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  • 642010
LC display Powertip PC2004LRU-DW5 -BP1Q STN 4x20 characters mostly HD44780 compatible... more
Product information "LCD 4x20 characters, LED"

LC display

  • Powertip PC2004LRU-DW5-BP1Q
  • STN
  • 4x20 characters
  • mostly HD44780 compatible controller
  • 4/8 bit parallel interface
  • green/yellow LED backlight
  • Connector: soldered flat foil cable, 1mm pitch, 75mm length (matching DIL recepticle and adapter PCBs are available in our shop too)
  • Size: Outline 65x29x7mm, visible area 46x18mm


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